PRO6 honors Gallant SAF-44

POLICE BRIGADIER GENERAL RENE P PAMUSPUSAN, Regional Director of Police Regional office 6 together with POLICE CAPTAIN RICARDO I PATTING, Company Commander, 63rd Special Action Company and the members of the Command Group led the wreath laying ceremony to give honor and in observance of the National day of remembrance of PNP-SAF 44 who sacrificed their lives during a law enforcement operation in Mamasapano, Maguindanao on January 25, 2015.

The Regional Director and the Command Group had a chance to meet and greet the loved ones of slain SAF 44 who are from this region. This was followed by the program proper, the Wreath Laying Ceremony with PBGEN RENE P PAMUSPUSAN who assisted by the representative from the Special Action Force to pay the special tribute. The activity was participated by around 300 uniformed and non-uniformed personnel of Police Regional Office 6.

The Mamasapano incident is a reminder of the courage and bravery of the police officers despite theĀ  dangers they meet. What happened to them should not discourage but rather inspire police officers to do more than just being members their organization. As the lyrics in the PNP HYMN goes: “Ihandog ang iisang buhay”, this should remind them that they are into a noble profession.

Through the National Day of Remembrance, all generations will come to know the SAF 44 and what they did for our country. They deserve the the highest respect and admiration for uplifting the image of the police officers and the entire PNP organization.